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Sydney Opera House 3D Projection

Another great example of 3D Architectural Projection, this time across the harbor on to the Sydney Opera House. French artistic projection duo Thomas Chossan and Alex Mestrot of SUPERBIEN created 3D imagery featuring colourful interpretations of sea life which are then projected onto the sails of the Sydney Opera House by Sydney based projection company… Continue reading Sydney Opera House 3D Projection

Awesome faux 3D video projection

We featured some video projection videos back in January and it proved to be very popular. Heres an amazing example of video projection from a company called Urbanscreens. I would love the chance to see something like this live. I always find out about it after the event! via

Video Projection Showreel.

I absolutely love this method of external projection. For those who havent come across this before, its a method of projection that beams images and film onto buildings giving a simulated 3D effect. The dragon segment and the wireframe segments are absolutely spectacular. via

Welsh boffins invent STUPIDLY SUPERFAST broadband.

Engineers at a university here in Wales, Bangor University, have created a device that provides broadband 100x faster than we can get today. The machine can download 15 films in under a minute. 15!! The new device works with the existing fibre optic technology and so there is no need to rip out the cabling… Continue reading Welsh boffins invent STUPIDLY SUPERFAST broadband.